A unique Business and Community Hub

Our Town plus More offers a unique software and community engagement approach, with a simple, easy to use interface as it engages, interacts, simplifies and streamlines digital technology usage in regional areas of Queensland.

Successful financial plansDeveloped by TouchPoint Media, the platform facilitates greater community engagement, regional business sustainability, business to business opportunities, tourism, and local and external business procurement into key areas of Australia.

Each regionalised business and community platform is purpose built to suit the individual needs of a region for information, community, business and tourism activity.

TouchPoint Media is working with councils, community groups, sports groups, businesses, tourism operators and other stakeholders throughout Australia’s regions to implement the Our Town Plus More system.procurement

Our Town Plus More is being rolled out throughout the country to implement a locally focused program that will be available to all businesses and to the entire community.

An opportunity to take advantage of our unique community and business approach.

Due to the underlying and proven technology, we can build and implement the system as a fully sustainable service for your local businesses and your community quickly, economically and easily.