Local Business

local-businessCustomers and visitors can find all they need on your Local Business Hub.

When we put the Our Town Plus More system into your town, it becomes the best place for all local businesses to list.

This is because it’s the ‘’go to” place with news, events, jobs, deals, information and a comprehensive local business directory.

It’s the complete Business and Community Hub your town needs.

Being listed on Our Town Plus More gives you the following:

• We set it up as a standalone system, named exclusively for your town eg [Your town name]Plus More.
• Only local business can list on your business hub.
• It immediately gives increased visibility for the local community and businesses looking for services and products.
• It provides a one stop shop for all local purchasing searches.
• It allows you to promote your capability and capacity to large resource and energy companies.
• It provides a local search engine optimsed website and business directory for your business.
Shop local It’s a one stop ‘request for quote’ system, for customers to get quotes directly through the business hub.
• It gives you fully accountable and measurable results on traffic and requests.
• It’s a mobile device friendly for quick and easy access
• It gives you access to a Fortnightly Deals e- marketing service.
• It gives you access to a Social Media marketing service.
• It’s extremely cost effective and accountable.
• It’s easy to use for everyone.
• It’s fully supported by our team of professionals, nothing for you to do except use it.

Here’s some more ‘plusse’s Our Town Plus More gives to you and your town.

1. We set up a ‘Give Back to Your Community’ service with a percentage of our proceeds going back to your town through donations.handshake
2. We invite you to be a Business Members and become a part of a unique and cost effective online marketing system.
3. We showcase the best about your town to tourists, visitors, new residents and investors.
4. We manage it all for you with a team of highly experienced marketing and business specialists.